KernelCheck 1.2.5 Released

The day has come

KernelCheck 1.2.5 is available from the download page. Sorry for the delaying this post so long.


Lumen Documentation

Documentation for KernelCheck 1.2.5

The documentation and tutorial for KernelCheck Lumen can be found here.


Lumen Release Date

The End is Nigh

KernelCheck Lumen is coming fast. The release date is set for June 22, 2009. This release will feature nVidia support, the ability to choose any 2.6 kernel, and a "wizard" design rather than the one page design implemented in previous versions.


Installing KernelCheck from Development

Posted by Master Kernel

First off, you'll need Bazaar (bzr). Then:

  1. Download the KernelCheck source from LaunchPad:
    $ bzr branch lp:kernelcheck
  2. Enter the directory
    $ cd kernelcheck
  3. Install KernelCheck (as root - su)
    $ python setup.py install
  4. Use it! (once again, as root)
    $ kernelcheck


Redesign, Once Again

Posted by Master Kernel

Once again, I have redesigned the KernelCheck website, trying to find that perfect fit. And by redesign, I mean I found a nice template on a website and added in a few features, like transparency in those buttons up top. Accommodating this new website is the KernelCheck Blog, hosted on Blogger.com. Here, the KernelCheck team will post the latest news without me having to go through the pain of uploading this to SourceForge. So head on over there if you wish to find out the latest news. The upcoming release of Lumen is due out by the 22nd, and the development version is available over Bazaar. Check out the KernelCheck tutorial thread on Ubuntu Forums for information on how to get it.